VINCI Airports is landing in Brazil, with ambitious plans to develop Salvador Airport, for the benefit of Brazil, the state of Bahia, the city of Salvador and its citizens.

VINCI Airports will be gradually assuming the management of the airport of Salvador. We will take over operations fully after a contractual transition period, and we will work hand-in-hand with Infraero and other authorities to ensure a smooth and efficient handover.

Stage 1


1 to 30 days following the Effective Date of the Agreement (Estimated date: 1-30 September 2017)
Definition of an Operational Transfer Plan, sent to ANAC
(Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) for approval.

Stage 2

Assisted Operation

After ANAC approval of the Operational Transfer Plan and for a minimum of 70 days
Infraero remains responsible for the operations of the airport, assisted by VINCI Airports.

Stage 3

Transition Operation

After achievement of the Provisional Operating Certificate
by VINCI Airports and for a minimum of 3 months

VINCI Airports takes over the operations of the airport with the support of Infraero.